Mommy On The Farm Poultry

Eggs & Chicken Prices 

Our eggs are a hot commodity!  They are sold by the dozen for $4 or half dozen for $2. you will be amazed when you compare our eggs to those purchased at the grocery stores and you can see by the yoke color that ours are a rich vibrant orange and not a pale yellow as well as standing higher in a pan when cracked. The color comes from what they eat and the firmness comes from freshness.If you would like to get eggs go to, our contact us page.

If you want to start them off as chicks, the price is $4 per chick.  Keep in mind that when getting chicks, you are getting strait run (you never know if they will be hens or roosters) but it's always nice to start from the beginning. to check stock contact us.

For instant gratification, grab a laying hen!  If you'd like to take advantage of the hens that we've raised on our farm, to bread and eat your yard yummies, it is $20 per hen. to check to see what we have contact us

Pastured poultry: 
visit the pastured poultry page for prices and ordering

If you already have hens, you can purchase a rooster to protect them and to fertilize their eggs at $10 per rooster.    They are great if you have raccoons, hawks or other predators in your area. to see what we have contact us

Curious Egg Questions:
     How can I tell if an egg is fresh? Put it in water. If it sinks and rests flat on the bottom it is fresh, if it rests vertically with one end up it is a couple weeks old, and if it floats throw it away. 
     How long will an egg last in the refrigerator? 65 to 80 days is not be a stretch but are better if consumed sooner.  
     What is the white stuff in my egg? This is called the chalaza and secures the yoke in place in the center of the egg. This is not an imperfection and is not an embryo. The more prominent the chalaza, the fresher the egg; this is a good thing. 
     Why are so many eggs in the grocery stores white? White chickens produce white eggs; white chickens eat less than chickens laying brown eggs thus large producers want the cheapest most cost effective chickens. 
     How do I determine if an egg is hardboiled? Easy; spin it on a counter top. If it spins easily it is hardboiled and if it spins slowly with a wobble it is not boiled. Alternatively, put it on end on a counter and let it fall. If it rocks back and forth it is hard and if the rocking is dampened it is not boiled. Try a hard and soft egg with both tests and this will be very evident. 
     Why are chickens de-beaked? Chickens in a high density environment, be it group cages or in a henhouse, will cannibalize/peck other chickens. We do not trim our chicken’s beaks because we have a wonderful low density environment.